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Transition from home to preschool

To help us be more prepared and able to plan for individual needs for your child, before they begin Preschool we offer a taster session for you and your child to attend.  By filling out a profile sheet and sharing information we will arrange how their transition from home to preschool will be catered for.  We will keep you informed with their transition via a key worker and an appointment discussing their individual summary.

We also share development matters with your local Health Visitor.

Transition to new setting or Reception

When a child is due to start a new setting or full time school, we ensure that we provide as much information as possible about your child before they start their visits (this will be arranged with Swarland Primary School or another School/ Preschool your child will be attending)

We will share information about your child with staff and give them a copy of your child’s most recent progress summary, as well as a progress tracker.  The information supplies school with knowledge about your child’s interests, likes, dislikes and developmental bands as well as any additional information such as SEN records.

We have very strong links with Swarland Primary School and to help your child with the move into reception class school allow us to use some of their resources.

  • Access the school toilets
  • School dinners in the school hall
  • PE in the school hall
  • Join in with school events and activities