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Policies and Procedures

Policies and Procedures are available in the cloakroom to read at any time. If you wish to have a copy please ask a member of staff and we can give you a copy on a disc. We have policies on a number of things such as promoting health and hygiene i.e. no smoking, food and drink, suitable people i.e. employing staff, equality of opportunity i.e. supporting children with special educational needs, safeguarding children i.e. child protection or making a complaint. (Any complaints will be dealt with within 28 days).


Child protection

We work in conjunction with the guidelines of Northumberland County Council and if there are concerns about any child that cannot be adequately explained by parent; we will make a referral to the local Children’s Services department.

If your child has sustained any injuries it is necessary for you to share this information with staff on arrival.

We will consult and inform parents where possible.  Our responsibility is to the child and the child is paramount and will always be our first concern.


Equal Opportunities

Children attending our preschool will not be disadvantaged or discriminated against during their time spent with us.  We make all our staff aware of the need of equal opportunity policies and endeavor to implement them at all times.   We welcome all children into our care, regardless, of gender, race culture, religious belief, ethnic origin or disability.

Additional Needs

We wish to ensure that any child in our care is not discriminated against because of an additional need.  We make all our staff aware of any issues.  We aim to provide an environment where every child can experience the full range of activities and learning opportunities on offer.