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Session timetable

 Swarland Preschool and Swarland Bears Session timetable


8.00-9.00 Swarland Bears before school club children attending before 8.15 will receive breakfast if needed.  Children attending school will be escorted into school and children staying in Swarland Preschool will play indoors until other preschool children join them.

9.00 am Playroom door opens session starts Children bring names in and do self registration independently or with parents support at first . (Parents  are welcome to  bring children into playroom and settle children then say good bye).  All staff and children sing the hello song.

We offer free flow play indoors and outdoors set up activities as well as free choice activities.

10.00 am CD with tidy up song indicates that it is tidy up time.

10.15 am Dancing bears this is a time to use listening skills and physical movements to music, keeping our bodies healthy.  Mat time children sit next to friends.  Wash hands and toilet encouraging good practice and hygiene.

10.30 am Snack time children sit together at tables with their own milk mat. Discussion with children about morning events or planning what they will do next.  Snack is biscuits, fruit and milk or water to drink. Staff call register children encouraged to say good morning or hello.

10.45 am Quiet time the children collect a book and sit on the mat until everyone has finished snack.

10.50 am Story time, an adult will read a story, children may be grouped in one large group or 2 small groups..

11.00 am further planned activity or free play indoors or outdoors.

12.00 noon Morning children go home.  Chester Bears children join the Swarland Primary School children for school lunch  in the school hall.

12.30 pm Children enjoy outdoor play.

1.00 pm Some children may prepare to go home, afternoon children and children attending all day sit with staff for afternoon registration encouraged to say good afternoon or hello.

1.10 pm Further opportunity for planned and child initiated indoor/outdoor play.

2.25 pm Afternoon snack including activities such as finding cups and mats with numbers on, counting out from a large group, rhyming words, and children helping with snack preparation.

3.00 pm End of session parents invited in to collect children or children handed over from main door.

This is just a guide to what we do during the day we also  have time to do names and phonics,  song time, make use of the school field and  village walks.  Trips are organised to other places from time to time.

3.00-5.30 Swarland Bears after school club school children escorted into preschool.  The children will have a snack time then fresh air outdoors play. Organised clubs will be on some days which children will have booked into.