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Bringing and collection of children

Swarland Preschool and Swarland Primary School have a Joint Security Policy and we encourage parents to help carry out this policy.  A copy is kept out in the cloakroom along with all the Preschool’s policies.

Children will only be released to the known parent/carer of the child that is stated on the Child’s registration record.  Alterations can be made by  a letter giving us written authorisation to hand them over to an adult not listed on the Child’s registration record or if a parent rings the Preschool and makes other arrangements. If the child is to be collected by any other adult, the parent/carer must arrange this personally with a member of the Preschool staff. Similarly, if an adult unknown to the Preschool staff brings a child to Preschool it would be appreciated if they would introduce themselves.

Please stand outside and wait for a member of staff to call you in. If the weather is extremely inclement then please press the call button and a member of staff will open the door, you may then come in and wait in the cloakroom.

Please can all parents / carers ensure prompt drop off and collection of children.  Main door opens 5mins before session starts in order for coats and shoes to be taken off.  E.g. 8.55am the group’s main door will open then at 9am the classroom door will open for children to enter.

Adults are responsible for the supervision of their children and younger children accompanying them to the Preschool and in the cloakroom.  When entering school grounds the gates must be closed after entering and exiting. Please do not allow your child to run through the school yard to the car park.