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What to wear

Please send children dressed in clothes that are easily washable and not too new. It is also helpful if they are toilet friendly. Dungarees are not easy to undo when you are in a hurry to go to the toilet.

Each child will need a draw string bag with a full change of clothing including pants, socks, slippers or sand shoes.  If your child is in nappies or pull ups, replacements will be needed, including wet wipes.

All clothing must be labeled/named.

The children are outside in all weathers possibly in our garden or on the school field. We do have water proofs and do have sun cream that you can apply, but ask if you could send your child with a coat for the cold weather and cotton long sleeve tops for the sunny weather. Sun cream must be applied by parents before children enter the preschool or we will guide your child in the application of their own sun cream on arms, legs and face.

Preschool sweatshirts can be ordered and purchased from the group.

It must be stressed that sweatshirts are not compulsory.