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Starting preschool

Not all parents find it easy to leave their children. Parents must not be worried if their child takes a while to settle, the Preschool staff will work with you to help your child feel secure and confident in the group. Some children like to bring comforters with them and this is quite normal and not a problem.  We will ring and ask you to return if we feel your child was distressed.

Parents do not need to rush away; you may come in and see what is going on. If your child is not settling in we will agree what should happen to make this as easy as possible.  Children do notice when their parents are anxious or upset about leaving them, so be positive with your child. Staff will continue to talk about you and help your child get though the session.  If you leave your child crying you can phone in later or peep though the window or door after a few minutes.  Some children settle into Preschool straight away, for others it can take a few weeks.

Our policy on settling in is in the policies and procedures handbook which is placed in the cloakroom, or copies are available please ask a member of staff.